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51 Best Podcasts of 2021 - The Atlantic

Laura Jane Standley and Eric McQuade

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This cheeky homage to telenovelas has a simple enough premise: Gloria Calderón and María del Carmen are twins separated at birth. Gloria was raised by one of the richest families in South Beach, and the local gossip outlets follow her every move. Everyone wants to be her, even though she’s a snob and a brat. María, meanwhile, grew up in a convent and is generous and kind and completely unaware of this famous family. The drama kicks off when María happens to witness Gloria’s death in a boating accident—and everyone mistakes María for Gloria. Gloria’s ghost becomes an omniscient Gossip Girl–esque narrator from beyond the grave, responding to María, who can’t hear her, as we learn that their parents aren’t who they seem to be. Princess of South Beach is a classic soap opera, only breaking from traditional form when it winks at the listener about how ridiculous each new twist is.

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